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Ghalib Enterprises L.L.C has served the energy sector since 2007 and is the leading reliable material supply company. While our primary focus is on the general engineering market, we also work in various industrial sectors, each requiring a unique set of raw materials, specifications, and skills. We organize your shipments on a fast track based on our collaboration with well-known OEMs and distributors globally. 

We have a reputation for being the exclusive supplier of materials for Process Control Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Electrical, Combustion Control, HVAC Controls, Industrial & Medical Lab Applications, as well as Special Alloys, Piping Materials & Valves. Ghalib Enterprises L.L.C enables companies and corporations to acquire the controls and instrumentation they need to keep their businesses and projects running efficiently and effectively.

Over the years, our company has evolved significantly. As our clients’ needs have gotten more diversified and demanding, our company has built its expertise and experience in many other leading markets.

Years of


At Ghalib Enterprises L.L.C, our vision is to be the top engineering and supply firm known for our innovative working methods, technological heritage, and human resource skills.


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A Complete Service To The Energy Sector

The constant drive to provide our clients with customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations is the driving factor behind Ghalib Enterprises L.L.C’s success. Ensuring a streamlined materials supply to the Energy Sector is our top priority.

Our industrial supply has acquired global recognition as a leading supplier in the industrial corridor. We strive to focus on product diversity and project-specific needs.

The cohesion between our departments generates a perfect customer experience, of which we are immensely proud.


Ghalib Enterprises L.L.C’s mission is to add value to the lives of our shareholders as well as consumers by providing engineering services, supply, procurement, operation, and management of infrastructural, industrial, oil & gas, and energy projects.

Our Certifications

As a professionally knit unit, we at Ghalib Enterprises L.L.C have reached many milestones as the years have progressed. Our most significant milestones during our years of evolution include the development of our Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and Occupational Health & Safety Management.

Our commitment to our QHSE policy has enabled us to develop, implement, and continuously update this system to ensure the highest quality standards. We stick to the most strict safety standards and environmental responsibilities. Today, we are proud to confirm that we have successfully met the requirements of the International Standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018.

Quality Management System

Supplier of Industrial Items and Equipments for All Industries

ISO 9001:2015

Environmental Management System

Supplier of Industrial Items and Equipments for All Industries

ISO 14001:2018

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Supplier of Industrial Items and Equipments for All Industries

ISO 45001:2015

Our Clients

The dilemma in global supply is making your mark for the long term. Here at Ghalib Enterprises L.L.C, we have embraced sustainable growth. We have shifted our focus to high-value, knowledge-based, competitive, long-term business.

At the heart of these transformations, facilitated through design, experience, and change management, lie our esteemed clients.